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CARDAX Readers

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These readers use a proprietary Cardax protocol. They can be connected to the:

*         Cardax FT Controller 3000 – 4R and 8R

*         Cardax FT GBUS Universal Reader Interface

*         Cardax FT LOCAL BUS Universal Reader Interface and the Cardax FT Reader I/O Interface (LOCAL BUS device)

*         In Commander legacy systems, via the Cardax Universal Reader Interface.

In the reader descriptions, these are referred to as "Cardax IV format".

ii.             Cardax FT Readers and Intelligent Door Terminals

These readers use the Cardax FT protocol, which is based on RS485. The readers connect to the Cardax FT Control ler 5000GL or 5000 either di rectly or via a Cardax FT Stri ke Control ler. In the reader descriptions below, they are referred to as "Cardax FT format".

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