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Controller 6000

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There are two options – the Gallagher Controller 6000 and the Gallagher Controller 6000 High Spec (HS).

Two families of Gallagher devices connect the Controllers for I/O expansion and reader connections – GBUS and HBUS.

The Gallagher Controller supports the following HBUS devices: Gallagher T Series Readers and the Gallagher F22 Fence Controller. Gallagher 8H and 4H modules can be connected to the Controller 6000 to allow HBUS devices to be starwired back to a secure Controller cabinet.

The Reader Module hardware options are the Gallagher 8R and 4R modules, which are capable of supporting both Gallagher readers and Wiegand readers.

The Gallagher H and R series modules have on-board connections for: (variations for the Controller 6000 4H and 4R are shown in brackets)

  • 24 (12) balanced inputs and eight (four) relay outputs
  • Two GBUS ports to support:
    • GBUS I/O devices (including GBUS universal reader interfaces)
    • Gallagher Remote Arming Terminals or Gallagher Trophy FT Keypads
    • Gallagher Trophy FT Fence Controllers

Key features include:

  • Dial-up capability for the support of remote sites and off-site alarm monitoring can be enabled through the connection of the Gallagher Dialler
  • Peer-to-peer communications with any Gallagher Controller over a LAN/WAN for monitoring, back-up and control – independently of the Command Centre
  • 80,000 events and 500,000 card records (approximately) are supported for access control functions
  • Communication with the Gallagher Command Centre using TCP/IP – a world standard network and Internet transmission protocol – over an Ethernet network
  • Supports downloadable code for software upgrades.

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