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Gallagher Work Force and Safety Management

Health and Safety Compliance - enforce business policy through predetermined access control measures, giving you confidence your staff have current credential to be in high-risk areas. Emergency and Incident Management - Enable the immediate response to an event.

gallagher random cardholder selection

Gallagher Random Cardholder Selection

Automatic random selection of personnel for effective workforce, risk & compliance management. Use random personnel checks to: Automate random selection of individuals for testing or checking any defined criteria.

Gallagher Alcolizer Integration

Gallagher Alcolizer Integration

When an access card is presented at a nominated reader, the Alcolizer WM4 will be initiated for the Cardholder to take a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) test. Once the test is taken, the test result (Pass or Fail) is sent to Command Centre and recorded as an event against the Cardholder.

Gallagher Cardhloder Location Monitoring

Gallagher Cardhloder Location Monitoring

Improve emergency response time and evacuation management with real-time tracking of personal movement around your site. Gallaghers Cardholder Location Monitoring provides: An at-a-glance view of personal within different areas of your site.

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